It’s me.

Feeling Okay.

I’ve come to the realization that I can’t slow down and have this constant nagging to continue to push myself to accomplish something or I will lose out on the chance. I am constantly putting this blog on the back burner too. Oh well. I did say that I would update it when I thought

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One Month Later…

So, hi.  It’s been a month or more since I may have posted.  I know it was in September, but yeah.  The reason why for no blog posts?  Too busy.  Work is finally starting to slow down, maybe not for the time I’m physically at work, but the number of hours has gone from like

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The Eternally Sad Girl

Hi.  My name is Morgan, and I have some things to talk about.  I’ve done a couple of things on social media, and tried to generate a few friends from internet land, but have gotten discouraged about the lack of attention I would receive from either photo or blogging. So, why am I starting again?

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